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Jenny Secret Crystal Gel (No Wipe) 15ml

Jenny Secret Crystal Gel (No Wipe) 15ml

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Nail tech's favorite crystal gel from Jenny is now non-wipe! A gel product to hold stones that work. From celebrity nail artist @NAILSON7TH, Jenny is sharing her secret formula to keep those crystals stuck on nails and how she adheres to her jewels/rhinestones on her clients' nails that lasts 3-5 weeks. When you're placing thousands of dollars of diamonds and genuine gems on a client, you want them to stay put!

 The Crystal gel is best used with no flat back stones but also work with flat back stones.

Directions :

Lightly buff the surface where you want to place your stones or charms. Using a dotting tool or gel brush, apply a decent amount of Crystal gel, then place your stone or charm. Be sure to gently press the stones down into the gel, so it lasts longer. You may flash cure for 10-15 seconds if you intend on performing more than one step. Once finished cure in an LED lamp for 30-60 seconds. 

For better results, use it with the Jenny secret adhesive set and the Jenny secret Gel pen.


Make sure to keep covered after use to prevent curing of the product.

This product is highly recommended to use with Crystal pixies and caviar beads.


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