Jenny Secret Adhesive Set Bundle
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Jenny Secret Adhesive Set Bundle


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    Includes Jenny Secret Adhesive #1 and Jenny Secret Crystal Finisher #2. Please refer to the individual listed items for instructions on how to use.



    1. Apply a drop of Step #1 Crystal Adhesive, where you like to place the crystal. The adhesive will still be wet, so that means the stones may move. If you put too much, the adhesive will take longer to dry and the stones will move a lot, so try to put just the right amount.

    2. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the stone, let them air dry for 30-60 seconds. Once fully dry, apply Crystal Finisher step #2 around the stones to completely dry the glue adhesive and seal in place.

    Please be sure not to use the adhesive on top of the stones.



    • Always wipe off the rim of the bottle on your Jenny Secret #1; otherwise, it can become stuck. Make sure to wipe the bottle after each use. Use acetone between use to cleanse any product that may have leaked or dripped. 

    • Make sure when opening the bottle initially, DO NOT close the top too tight as the adhesive may shut it close permanently. You may also apply a tiny bit of oil around the neck of the bottle to easily open and close the cap. MAKE SURE OIL DOES NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THE ADHESIVE AND STORE UPRIGHT.